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CleanJoy Make-up Removal Cloth

Elite Salon is excited to introduce to you a new product.  The CleanJoy Make-up Removal Cloth is INCREDIBLE.  It take off mascara and facial make-up without the use of soap or any other chemicals.  Taking off mascara (even waterproof) has never been so easy.  No more soap in your eyes or the make-up remover oil/lotion bothering contact lenses.  That is the worst!  Give this product a try, you will not be disappointed.  Elite Salon sells the CleanJoy Cloth for only $14.  These cloths are reusable and come clean by machine washing. 


is the exclusive private line of hair care products which, can only be purchased at Elite Salon.  Elite's must have products provide phenomenal performance, feel and fragrance.  braige is a limited line emphasizing mixing, matching and combining products for optimal performance.  Cocktailing products happens to be the latest trend within hair care industry, which means the  there is no need for excessive amounts of products.  braige contains many natural and wholesome ingredients and it is the closest thing to a natural product line without compromising it's performance.  


braige natural & intensive skin care    

is sold exclusively at Elite Salon.  This line contains only natural products, no toxic or synthetic chemicals added.  New products are currently being developed and tested.  See Facebook for various skin care products and ingredient lists.  Best wholesome products at very reasonable prices...and their performance will make you happy!


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