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Beauty and Hydration go hand-in-hand

Its very obvious that in the winter months our skin is dry and our hair can be dry also. What can we do about this? I have been doing some research and from what I understand hydration starts with what you put into your body. Some of the hydration secrets are: water intake (at least 64 oz of water a day, you can get your "water" from other sources such as juices, fruits, veggies, but how do you know how much you have taken in...?), adding fatty acids to your diet (such as flaxseed-supplements too, walnuts, olive oil...), and another suggestion is setting up a humidifier in your house / room of your house. The humidifier is important, as it helps to maintain the moisture within your skin / hair. It is not just your indoor environment that is dry, but the outside air- at least where we live- Erie, PA is dry also. Since we cannot control our weather, and we would if we could....moving on....The other suggestion that I have is to add moisture externally. This would be with skin lotions and WEEKLY deep conditioning treatments to your hair. Some suggest you do not wash your hair every that does not mean you cannot wet your hair down, because lets face it sleeping does destroy a nice hair style. So, instead of washing, wet your hair down and restyle it. Also, another suggestion is to get a trim every 6-10 weeks (pending on how fast your hair grows), just to remove the dead & dry ends. If these split ends are not removed they continue to split on up the shaft of the hair. Not the nice finished look you were going for, huh? While your local hair salon can assist with conditioning treatments and fresh hair-cuts, the rest is up to you! I know you can do it!

PS. Did you know that you can also become dehydrated (internally) in the winter months, just as you can in the summer? Read on for some interesting facts that I bet most of you DO not know

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