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Blorange & Eclipting!!

New words in the world of hair color. Two of the latest techniques are slowly becoming popular within the hair industry. Blorange and Eclipting are two different color techniques. Just about every female that experiments with color has heard of Ombre, Balayage, Sombre and perhaps Color Melting. But now we have two more to add to the list. How popular they will become is debatable. In the meantime, lets explore these new color trends.

Blorange is a technique in which the orange shade is added to the color. This can be done on any level. Most popular thus far is adding orange to a overall blonde head of hair. Color variations range from strawberry blonde to a ginger color. I can't imagine all that awesome gray / ash color going away anytime soon, but for those that don't want cool tones, consider Blorange something you may want to try.

Another technique is just that a technique. Eclipting is not necessarily a specific color but more of utilizing various colors to work for your facial features, facial / skin coloring or providing illusion within the hair. For example, you can frame a face or bang with a darker color to accentuate the eye color. Framing the face from the cheek bone down will emphasize the cheek bones. Another example would be if you have fine hair and you want to give the illusion of thicker hair. You would place darker color towards the bottom, underneath the top layers. Also, throw-in some hi-lights to give dimension. This is just touching the surface of what Eclipting can do for your color. This is a technique that will really separate an average colorist from a coloring Artist.

At Elite Salon we are looking to forward to embracing these two color techniques. I say...bring it on! Can't wait to see you try a non-traditional color!!

Eclipting on top.  Blorange on bottom.

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