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Store the Boat...Buff and GO!

Fall is almost over and soon winter begins. In the Spring and Summer 'tis the season for beautiful toenails and pedicures galore. However, as fall and winter approach clients tend to not think about pretty toenails and nicely kept feet. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I believe that now is the time to lighten up on the polish and allow the toenails to do their natural thing. If you live in a cold winter town and your not wearing open toe shoes, this is the opportunity to take advantage of going natural. Your toes are polished so much during the warmer months, usually without giving them a break. Have you ever noticed that when you wear polish all the time, once the polish is removed the toe nails are discolored, chipping and just look horrible? Well, now is the time to do something about that. I call it the BUFF and GO! Get a pedicure, allow yourself to soak in the hot water, get the cuticles trimmed and the dry/dead skin taken off the underside of your foot. Enjoy the aroma of the peppermint pedicure scrub, followed by a peppermint souffle lotion. Then, skip the polish and BUFF. Have the nails filed, buffed and shined. You would be surprised at the outcome of this healthier choice. Do this once every 4-6 weeks in the winter months and you will be surprised at how nice your toes and feet will look for spring, not to mention how nice your feet will feel. The buff and shine process improves the discolored toenails and blends in any areas that are chipping or peeling. Your nails will be so nice that it may be hard to go back to polish in the spring...but you know you will because you can't resist the different colors! This natural alternative will provide you with toes / feet that you will be proud to place on your yoga mat.

So, you stored the boat for the store the toes. They don't have to be painted toenails in order to look nice and kept. So go natural this winter and be proud.

Elite Salon will be promoting the BUFF and GO service all winter long (and in the summer if you are addicted!) for only $25. Please be sure to call to schedule your desired date / time (814) 455-8756.

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