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What's Trending NOW and ALWAYS Trending?

I am finding that the latest color trends are far from boring. Color melting has become very popular and involves blending-in multiple (sometime up to five) colors on one head of hair. The results can be similar to abstract painting on a canvas. The colors can be fashion colors (even neon) to very natural shades. Specifically this summer and fall we are seeing a lot of rose and mauve melted colors. The following are just two pictures of a very wide variety, anything- goes- color, that involves rose, gold and mauve.

Rose Gold Melt

What's ALWAYS trending you ask?? The bob hair cut that is what! The bob hair cut never seems to go out of style. There are many variations of the bob hair cut. There is a one length blunt bob, traditional bob with layers, stacked bob, A-line bob and a shattered bob. So when you are searching online for that next bob hair cut, you may want to be more specific as to the kind of bob you desire. Below are a few pictures of the types of bob hair cuts that I just listed. So, if a new trendy color and an always trending hair cut are what you desire consider combing the rose, gold and or mauve color trend with a bob--style hair cut.

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