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Guys & Gray Hair

Several of my male clients have inquired about coloring their gray hair. Yes, we can do that, but I do not recommend getting 100% coverage with an opaque color. My recommendation is to use a color that is more translucent so that the gray hair is no longer gray but more of a darkened hi-light of the hair. I believe a total coverage of the gray hair makes the hair look very artificial. Also, coloring men's hair can become expensive, especially if the hair is kept short.

You know, I gotta say if you got it, you got it. Many men look incredibly awesome keeping their natural color and accepting the gray. Sometimes changing the style and adding some facial hair is all you need to do to add a more distinguished look. It's best to keep the facial hair short and well groomed. A light facial tanning cream used on the face really compliments the overall look (but don't get it in that gray hair- oh no!). Remember that light tan artificially represents the look of youth. To get my point across and convince some men that may be considering hair coloring, just look at these enclosed photos...if you don't get it, ask a WOMAN! xoxo

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