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All About BEAUTY! My latest discovery for my DRY EYES...

Dry eyes are a very common and can be an uncomfortable. Dry eyes can develop for many reasons such as lack of estrogen, autoimmune conditions, Lasik surgery, wearing contacts or simply part of the aging process. I personally have noticed that my dry eyes definitely affect my vision from day to day. Some days I see clearer than other days. Having dry eyes can also make wearing eye make-up a sensitive issue. Perhaps you are more bothered by wearing eye shadow, mascara or even eye-creams. If you are anything like me, you do not want to give up wearing eye make-up and those dry eyes need a little TLC. For me the worse time is in the middle of the night. I literally wake up with painful eyes and discover my eyelid is stuck to my eye itself. I need to rub it open and as my eye becomes lubricated, I can then focus, pain gone and it feels moisturized again (for the moment).

This issue has been addressed with my local ophthalmologist who recommended some awesome items that I want to share with you. First, he told me to put drops in my eyes every time I sit down for a meal and then especially before I fall asleep. These are the drops of his recommendation and I really like them.

I also use the gel version of the same brand for right before I fall asleep .

Also, I use a heat mask that I pop in the microwave for 20-30 seconds and place over my eyes for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in evening. Not only does this feel fantastic, it is therapeutic therapy for dry eyes. This mask is very soft, delivers consistent moist heat, can be washed, perfect weight distribution. Can also be used for styes and other eye related issues. Why is a moist heat mask important? Because it opens up the oil glands in your eyes that tend to get clogged and ultimately cause dry eyes. See we need the right amount of oil and tears to make our eyes happy. I thought a washcloth with warm water would suffice, I don't think so! It does not stay warm for longer than two minutes and gets a bit messy. This mask was the best find ever! My last therapeutic regimen is this supplement .

Not only is it good for my eyes but so many other health benefits also. I felt this brand did not cause me any stomach or reflux discomfort whatsoever. I highly recommend this supplement and brand. Now with all these wonderful products in hand, be patient, as natural remedies take time. They work naturally and give yourself at least six months to then notice a difference. There are many weapons of choice to combat this issue or at least minimize it, these are my recommendations as they are helping me and I just wanted to share. I do enjoy the convenience of amazon (not to mention the gas I save driving from store to store looking for specific products), and do personally recommend the products I love, which in turn as an Amazon affiliate can receive a small percentage of commission as I recommend certain products. If I am not totally thrilled with a product, I will not endorse or recommend it.

Namaste, Wendy


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