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Get the facts! Hair MYTHS,...Fact or Fiction?

It's a busy time of the year for all of us, but for a Stylist, warm weather brings everyone out (not just ants and spiders). That is my excuse for taking so long in-between blogs. It's my excuse and I am sticking to it! I thought I would touch upon several hair myths and let you know what is true and what is false. So, here we go....

Do frequent trims make your hair grow faster?

NO! Impossible, since your hair is dead and the only alive part is within the root (the part that touches your scalp), logically, how can trimming dead ends make the root of your hair grow? Frequent trims are good because the split ends move right up the shaft of the hair and if you don't want to look like a frizz ball, you may want to get those under control with trims and good products.

Will using the same shampoo / conditioner loose its effectiveness if I keep using it?

NO! If you find the right products for your hair it should keep on working just fine. I know we all like a little change, so feel free to change it up. Some do work better than others and that difference you may notice.

Can certain products REPAIR split ends?

NO! Certain products can somewhat help the spread of the split ends (barely), products also work like a band-aid on the hair. But products cannot repair something that has been torn apart (remember your hair shaft is dead, it cannot regenerate / repair itself).

Does your hair quit growing at a certain point?

NO! Seriously folks, that does not even make sense. Your hair will not stop growing. Your hair growth will depend on you controlling the split ends and healthy maintenance of your hair shaft. Also, the foods and nutrients you consume play a direct role in hair growth and health.

Finally, Shampoo, Rinse and Repeat!

Don't do this! There is no need to REPEAT! If you have good products that work properly with water, you should not need to repeat the process. The only time this may be necessary is if you have a buildup of products, excessive oils or you just received a color process. Otherwise, save your money and buy OUR professional products.

Well, I hope to have put a few MYTHS to bed for you. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

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