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It's Not All About HAIR @ Elite

One of the best things about going to Elite Salon is how you look going out the door. The second best thing about going to Elite Salon are the conversations that we strike up while waiting for your color to process or your hair cut to be completed. This experience can be truly like no other...let me tell you. Wednesday we had a full blown discussion about "baby carrots." Warning, this has nothing to do with the hair industry, but rather what we are putting into our bodies. It was a new one for I have a need to share. Did you know that those small "baby carrots," are carrot rejects. Yes, rejects! The carrots that need to be reshaped (carrot liposuction, if you will). They are peeled, reshaped and then soaked in a bleach solution. The bleach solution is necessary, as I understand it...because the carrots have been stripped of their peels and will easily rot. Therefore, in order to perserve the carrots they need to be given a bleach dip. So, my conclusion is we are now eating healthy bleached-dipped and well sculptured "baby" carrots. Wow, lets think twice about this one! Ok, this was our full blown discussion and educational lesson within the salon on Wed. Thanks to Rebecca S.- she googled the subject matter and our clients (and staff) have been well informed. We, @ Elite are now banning "baby carrots," from our diets. To recap...our clients left with awesome, beautiful hair and some interesting facts on carrots.


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